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“Need to know’s” before hiring a photo booth

2 August 2012

Hiring a photo booth for an event or celebration has turned in to a very common thing days and is becoming more and more popular with the increasing number of ways you, your guests or your business can benefit from it. Weather it is a wedding, birthday celebration, fundraiser charity event to a corporate event a photo booth has alot to offer for absolutely everyone young and old.

The question is can does all of this apply to any photo booth out there in the market today?

there are alot of different photo booths out there and you should choose your booth wisely according to your event and budget. other things to look out for is the service provided and obviously the look of the photo booth you would like to have at your event. There are two basic types of photo booths, These are open air photo booths and enclosed photo booths and both offer a totally different feel to the guests getting their photo taken. both will usually take the same quality photo’s but the enclosed photo booth will allow you to have privicy while getting your photo’s taken, which really is the whole idea of a photo booth in most peoples opinion. Some reasons some people choose the open air photo booth is maybe they are small and more accessible to upstairs events that a enclosed photo booth can not be carried.

You can also ask your photo booth hire company if they use sub-dye laminate printers, these are top quality professional photo booth printers such as mitsubishi and will ensure you and your guests have great image quality and long lasting photo strips.

Also check out what extras the photo booth comany can offer you with your hire. There are some great ideas such as bonbaneers and photo strips for your guests.

And most importantly if you are Particular with the over all look of your photo booth then you are in the right place. be sure to check out our booths page now to see how we can help you get the best looking booth for your event!