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Photo Booth For A Fundraiser

23 September 2012

Photo Booth for a Fundraiser

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Hire a photo booth for a fundraiser for free!

We get asked about donating a photo booth for a fundraiser Nearly every day. Unfortunately we would go out of business if we could just give them away. However we understand that hiring a photo booth can be expensive and that there are many fundraisers that would love to have a photo booth, but the cost would reduce the funds raised. Some ideas of incorporating a photo booth into a fundraiser is to charge people with the coin operation slot, unfortunately the profits don’t often cover the rental cost. So how can we use a photo booth to generate revenue for a good cause if the hire cost are just too much. The following paragraphs will help you maximize funds raised for your fundraiser and eliminate the cost of the photo booth. Behind The Curtains Photo Booth Hire offers a 15% discount on photo booth hire for fundraisers in the Sunshine coast and Brisbane but that still doesn’t make much of a profit on coin operation. An average photo booth event produces 2 double strips every 2 minutes if most people squeeze 2 or 3 people into the photo booth each go that would mean 2 people get a photo strip every 2 minutes that’s 1 photo strip of 4 photos every minute for them to take home and put on their fridge or in their wallet. Now if a logo/advertisement replaced the 4th image that would mean 1 potential customer every minute that would keep their photo strip with them on the fridge, office or wallet. The way to get a photo booth for free is to find a sponsor that has a high profit per sale for e.g Real Estate Office, New Car Dealers and Insurance Companies are some of the great companies that have helped fundraisers by donating a photo booth in return for long term advertising. If one of these companies got a sale from 1 out of the 300 people over a 5 hour photo booth hire, then the price of the photo booth has been more than paid for by the profits of the sponsor. Photo Booths are great for advertising because people keep photos! We have had some elderly people say they still have a photo of themselves from an old photo booth from 50 years ago. So if you would like to hire a photo booth for a fundraiser give us a bell and remember to ask for the 15% discount so you can maximize the funds raised at your event.