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White Wedding Photo Booth is finally here for photo booth rental Brisbane

22 August 2012

Your wedding day is a once in a life time oppotunity that is often thought as as one of the most treasured and special days in some ones or couples lives. Countless hours have gone in to making sure everything is perfect down to the last detail and like most brides she is not going to be happy if there is something that does not quite fit in to her wedding theme like she has imagined…..¬† and trust me you dont want to upset the bride on her special day!

Time and Time again brides have been having to put up with the usual “Black Box” photo booth at there wedding reception and at the same time having¬† their beautifull theme coloured wedding dampened by the black metal box in the corner…

BUT…. Thankfully behind the curtains photo booth hire have the perfect solution for these lucky brides!

THE WHITE WEDDING PHOTO BOOTH is now available through Behind the curtains photo booth hire and through only Behind the curtains photo booth hire will you be able to hire the most Glamerous, Sylyish most beautifull photo booth in all of Australia!

Here is the latest E mail we received from nathan and Fiona who hired the white wedding photo booth


Dear Shanon.

Thank you very much for your services last saturday night!

I am so glad you were able to upgrade me to the white wedding package in time for our wedding reception, I was just amazed how perfectly it fit in to my wedding theme you really have a great advantage over your competitors. great to see such a great service right here in Brisbane!

Once again thanks so much and all the best guys

Fiona Campbell


Please be sure to book in fast as at the moment there are limited white wedding booths available. For photo booth rental Brisbane, photo booth rental Sunshine Coast, photo booth rental Melbourne