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Why add props to your photo booth hire?

29 July 2012

Allot of people who are new to photo booth hire often ask the question… Why add props to our hire? we get this particular question all the time! are they really a necessity? Well if you ask anyone that has hired a photo booth from us the answer is a huge YES!

A prop box will give us and your guests the opportunity to get creative with all the bits and pieces and  also have a bit of a laugh. what can you find the prop box? well just about anything from hats to wigs to mustaches on sticks to glasses even masquerades. We ensure that your guests will be back time and time again trying new looks and different ways to get a laugh while also having a ball.

Ultimitly the decission to add a prop box to your photo booth hire is up to the host or hosts of the party or event. but the statisitcs show that 95% of the poeple that have hired a photo booth have specificaly asked for the prop box and the rest usually ask for one later in the night! although the prop box is not for every type of event but be warned as your guests walk towards the photo booth they will be usually be expecting a little box of goodies next to it.

Please share with  us your comments, will you be hiring the prop box?