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Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I hire a Behind The Curtains photo booth?

Anywhere under cover with a solid flat surface and a standard 240v power point nearby.


Is there a fee for delivery and set up?

No, delivery and set up are included with any photo booth hire within Melbourne, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast.


How much deposit is required to secure a photo booth for my event?

A non refundable $250 deposit will secure your choice of photo booth for your event date. The remaining balance is due by 21 days prior to your event.


Does the photo booth come with an attendant?

It is up to you, our traditional & Grand photo booths do not require an attendant. The Executive photo booths are only available with attended packages.


Are you insured for public liability?

Yes, we are fully insured for public liability and all our equipment is regularly tested and tagged. A copy of our public liability insurance can be sent upon request.


Will our venue allow a photo booth?

Our Traditional Photo Booths can be delivered to all venues that have wheel chair access or lifts, however if they do not have this option we can use ramps to get up no more than 3 steps. The Traditional Booths also fit through a standard doorway. We have had Hundreds of our photo booths hired at venues all over South East Queensland and Melbourne. 

Our Executive and Grand Photo Booths can be delivered at any venue through a lift or up a straight flight of stairs, cornered stairs are not possible. The Executive or Grand Photo Booths also fit through a standard doorway.

Our Open Air Photo Booth can almost go anywhere.  As long as we have shelter from weather and a standard 240 volt power point nearby we can get the Open Air Booth anywhere.


What is the size of the photo booth?

Traditional photo booth for delivery:

Height = 198cm

Width = 74cm

Length = 94cm

Weight = 170kg

No more than 3 steps


Executive photo booth for delivery:

Height = 132cm

Width = 74cm

Length = 194cm

Weight = 60kg

Straight run of Steps is fine


Grand photo booth for delivery:

Height = 70cm

Width = 50cm

Length = 197cm

Weight = 50kg

Straight run of Steps is fine.


How much space is required for the photo booth at the event?

Traditional photo booths 2m x 1m required.

Executive photo booth 3m x 1.5m required.

Grand Photo Booth 3m x 2m required.


Can we add a logo or message to the photo strips?

Yes, you can provide a logo/message on the photo strips or we can design something for you. Logos are included in the corporate and wedding packages or are $50 extra for other packages.


How many photos do we get?

Our photo booths have the fastest print speeds available and because they are so easy to use people get in and out faster resulting in more photos.

A typical 5 hour event can take up to 1000 photos and print 500 photo strips.

Be aware that other company’s that offer video messaging and Facebook uploads will not print 1/4 as many photos.


Are the photos high quality?

Yes, Our photo booths have studio lighting, a quality camera and the latest Mitsubishi dye sublimation commercial printers.


Can we have video messaging?

We can enable video messaging however we do not recommend this option. Video messaging can be affected by the loud music at the event, you also get far less photo strips printed because most people will stay inside the booth longer.  We believe you will get more value and far more photos with video messaging and Facebook uploads off.


Will the photo booth run out of paper?

No, we make sure there is always more than enough print paper loaded up before the event.


Why should we choose your company?

With many years of experience and over 1000 shows up our sleeve we are sure to provide you with the best possible service. We also offer the largest range of photo booths in Australia and constantly upgrade our equipment to stay ahead of our competitors.


Can I get the Sunshine Coast special pricing at my event location:

Sunshine Coast Special pricing is only available within 40km of the Maroochydore CBD.


Photo Booth Terms And Conditions